About Us

What is the eVerse?

eVerse stands for 'electronic universe'. The eVerse encompasses everything you know and love about the internet and social media. Every time you scroll through social media or access the internet, you enter the eVerse.

What is eVerse Apparel?

eVerse Apparel is home to your favorite creators and their official merchandise. It is the central hub of the eVerse. Here, we strive to connect creators and fans of all niches across the eVerse through high quality merchandise. 

Our Motivation and Promise.

We at eVerse Apparel have one goal in mind: To connect Creators and Fans of all niches across the eVerse. The eVerse is home to so many amazing Creators and Fans all coming from different backgrounds. Our promise is to provide a home for all of you to connect. We promise to deliver an incredible experience by providing high quality merchandise personally designed by your favorite creators.